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Pu'erh Tuocha

A pressed cake of intense, earthy pu-erh tea.
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Customer reviews for Pu'erh Tuocha
Review 1 for Pu'erh Tuocha
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5

Excellent, but read reviews first!

PostedMarch 4, 2014
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From: Michigan, USA
Drinks Starbucks:All day
Starbucks Personality:A press pot of single-origin coffee
I am so glad this tea is being offered for sale. The only other place I have found cakes like these is in China, where pu-er is a highly coveted tea. As the other reviews say, this tea will be unsavory if not rinsed first. However, it is an excellent tea in both taste and benefits.
Another thing worth noting here is the portion size. As the other reviewer also stated, this is a tea that can be re-brewed. However, I think it worth noting that the 8 oz portion size per cake is FAR from accurate. I see this tea as more of a pot-brewer than a cup brewer. Place on cake to steep in a pot, or even half a cake, and you will have many cups to satisfy yourself as well as loved ones. Enjoy!
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Review 2 for Pu'erh Tuocha
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5 / 5

Must Rinse!!!

PostedOctober 30, 2013
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From: San Carlos, CA, USA
Drinks Starbucks:All day
Starbucks Personality:Soy latte
I am so excited to see that Starbucks is offering more interesting teas.
They need to be a bit more obvious about it, however, since I only just stumbled upon this while looking for an email coupon!!!
Pu'erh is an amazing tea if prepared correctly. My first experience was from elsewhere and without rinsing for a minute in hot water; and that tasted, well, fishy BECAUSE IT HADN'T BEEN RINSED.
Try it again if you didn't do it right the first time!
Done properly, and I do mean a rinse in boiled water (discard the water before making your official cup,)
this is a beautiful dark brown, like coffee.
BEST PART: It can remain in the water and steep again and again...
NO( NADA/NONE) ASTRINGENT or oversteeped issues at all!!
It Is an earthy-tasting black tea. The ancient trees are grown to full height, unlike many teas which are pruned so humans can pick new growth from a standing position, as I understand it. Monkeys climb to the tops of these trees and toss the new leaves down:-)
I understand it's from the Yunnan Province in China.
A world-renowned gentleman tea expert whose name escapes me at the moment, and who has written a tea treasury book, was asked what he considered the healthiest tea of all. He responded, "Pu'erh!" and that began my exploration and happy journey!!!
Pu'erh is purported to help break down fats for better digestion, help blood sugar issues, and more, by a local tea shop.
Definitely worth a try for everyone!!!
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Review 3 for Pu'erh Tuocha
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2 / 5
2 / 5


PostedOctober 5, 2013
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From: Pennsylvania, USA
Age:Under 18
Drinks Starbucks:Monthly
Starbucks Personality:Hot brewed Tazo® tea
This is perhaps the worst thing I've ever drank, I don't even know what happened. I was so excited to receive this tea in the mail and love strong tea, but when I brewed it it had a bitter almost salty taste to it. I don't recommend it.
I don't know if it was a malfunction with the one tea cake I chose, but I'm not sure if I want to risk tasting another one.
No, I do not recommend this product.
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